Does one require any certification or training to ride a power boat?

Yes, a person cannot ride a powerboat without both certification and training. However there is no certification required to operate a non power boat for e.g. A Kayak, a paddle boat etc.

Starting from what age can you learn how to sail?

Sailing can be learnt by children over 6 years of age. There are small sailing boats specially made for kids. There are a couple of training schools around Mumbai as well.

Do you need to know swimming to ride a boat/pwc?

One does not necessarily need swimming skills to be behind a water craft. However it is advisable for a non-swimmer to venture out with an adult who knows to swim . Nevertheless a Life jacket is compulsory at all times while riding the Boat/PWC as a safety rule.

I have never been in the sea or any water body before this, can I still ride a Boat?

Yes, you can ride a boat after receiving proper training.

Where all can I ride a Boat in Maharashtra/Mumbai?

In Maharashtra the boats can travel from point A to point B provided there is a jetty for a boat to come alongside, 48 hours prior to which a port clearance needs to be taken from the Mumbai Port Trust. There is always an option to go on a Mumbai harbour cruise in your own boat or a rented boat.

Is there a boat available to venture in narrow creeks & river, lakes where the width is narrow and draft is less?

Yes there are specific boats for such adventures. Boats can also be custom built for such areas if required.

Which is the perfect boat for rescue and relief operations?

The HDPE (High density polyethylene) boats are the most sturdy and stable boats for rescue operations. They are indestructible and unsinkable.

How many types of marine engines options are available

There are different types of engines such as : Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene and electric engines. Each kind of engine holds its own value and come in different horse powers.

How can I transport a Boat/PWC from one place to another?

We can supply Boat/PWC trailers with a manual winch which is available in single and conjoined double slots as well.

How do I lift the Boat/PWC on the beach to launch?

There are various options to lift a boat at a beach. One way is to use a trailer, which generally could be a hectic process if by yourself, however the other & the best option is to have a HDPE drive in dock that is very easy to launch from and park back at.

What is the top speed of a typical boat or PWC?

The top speed of a speed boat or a personal watercraft depends from model to model and from engine to engine. Each engine type has its own consumption and speed chart.

What is the fuel consumption of a typical 8 seater Boat?

The consumption of a boat depends on the kind of engine used and the load of the boat.

What is the fuel consumption of a typical PWC?

The consumption of a PWC depends on the kind of engine used in the PWC. For e.g. a Seadoo Spark consumes 8-10 litres per hour.

What are the accessories options to fit into a speed boat?

When it comes to customization and adding accessories to a boat one could do a lot however the most basic accessories are: Set of Oars, Canopy (Shade), Extra bench or seat, Tower frame, GPS, VHF, Monitors etc.

What kind of service support will I get in India?

We have our service branches in Mumbai, Alibaug, Goa, Kochi, Andaman, Odisha with trained technical support available at your service at any time. We are opening up shortly in many more states.

Where can I see the boats/PWC on display in India?

We have our crafts on display at our various stations in Alibaug, Andaman, Goa and Kochi.

How much is the normal light weight of a 8 seater Boat at?

Approximately 150 kgs for an HDPE boat, always depends on the type of boat and the material it is made of.

Are licenses required for non-power boats?

No, there are no licenses or certificates required to ride a non power boat. If you are well trained and know swimming you can even venture out alone on a kayak etc.

Can a boat be towed via road transport?

Yes there are options of road transport all over India to transport boats. There are certain costs involved to obtain permissions which can be explained when the time is right.

What is the maintenance schedule for power boats & non power boats?

A boat should always be maintained periodically. Each brand of engine has its own maintenance schedule which will be shared at a later stage. It is essential to keep your boat maintained so that it lasts longer, performs better and faster.

Are parts of an engine or boat available easily?

Yes, majority of the parts related to your boat/pwc will be available with us in our stock of spares. However if any specific part is not available, we have options of importing them by Air freight at the earliest.